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The Saxonbury Federation of Frant and Mark Cross CE Primary Schools


The vision for the federation between Frant and Mark Cross schools

The vision for the federation is that it will ensure that both schools can continue to offer excellent education for children in small communities in a context of Christian and family values whilst capitalising on the advantages that being part of a larger organisation can offer.

What is an excellent education?

One that equips all children with the skills, especially in literacy and numeracy, that will enable them to make the best use of their continuing educational and working opportunities

One that provides all children with a broad range of opportunities and experiences that will help them to make informed choices in their later lives

One that fosters a love of learning and a confidence to experiment and take risks that will remain with them for the rest of their lives

One that encourages all children to become independent learners with a sound understanding of the ways that they learn most effectively

One that teaches children to have a concern for themselves, for others and for the world we live in


The Journey to Federation is now complete.

Following a formal consultation period, the Governors of Frant and Mark Cross Church of England Primary School decided to proceed with federating the two schools and this is process was completed on Monday 19th October 2015. The federation is known as The Saxonbury Federation of Frant and Mark Cross Church of England Primary Schools.


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