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At Mark Cross CEA Primary School we want to provide all of our pupils with the skills, knowledge and empathy they need to become successful, creative and curious learners. We have created a curriculum to match the needs of our community and the core values of our school. As a church aided school, our Christian values are at the heart of everything we do, ensuring our pupils think deeply, respectfully and with compassion. We have created a curriculum that considers not only the end points, but the journey the children take to achieve them. Ultimately, our aim is to inspire a love of learning whilst providing opportunities for pupils to grow and succeed both emotionally and academically.

Mark Cross CEA Primary School is a mixed year group setting with a Reception Class, a Year 1/2 class, a Year 3/4 class and a Year 5/6 class. As such, our curriculum needs to be carefully planned and formulated to ensure that learning is sequential and that topics are taught in an order that makes sense. This can produce some challenges, but it can also provide great opportunities to both stretch and support pupils. 

Whilst the National Curriculum is undoubtedly important, it is only the starting point. We have thought carefully about how we can make the most of our natural environment and how best to introduce quality texts and topics to reflect the values of our school community whilst ensuring all statutory elements of the National Curriculum are taught. In addition, we have thought about which topics and themes we feel would most benefit our pupils, weaving these together to form curriculum threads both within and between year groups. We provide lots of opportunities to revisit key knowledge and skills, ensuring that prior learning is built upon and further developed.

Assessment is continuous to monitor progress and identify any support (or increased challenge) that might be required. We have high ambitions for every pupil, particularly SEND, disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils and their needs are considered right from the outset both in terms of curriculum development and any adaptive teaching and learning that may need to take place.  Where needed, lessons are adapted to ensure that children who need further support have appropriate resources and scaffolding, enabling them to successfully access the learning. Pupils that require further challenge will be encouraged to think more deeply, make connections with their own lives and provide thoughtful and reasoned responses to a range of questions.

At Mark Cross CEA Primary School, we believe that our curriculum is broad, balanced, relevant and inspirational, designed to develop a love of learning which will last a lifetime. Our committed and experienced team of teachers and support staff nuture, challenge and encourage all of our pupils, enabling them to achieve highly and be prepared for the next stage of their academic journey.

 If you have any questions about the curriculum we offer, please contact our Head of School, Mrs Scales.

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