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Live, love and learn in the likeness of Jesus

Newsletter 20 - Friday 9th February 2018

This term's Christian Value is Hope

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Dear Parents,

Another busy week comes to an end and has been one where we have really enjoyed seeing topic creations being proudly bought in from home! We have icy landscapes and iron men adorning the classrooms! Thanks to you for the support you show your children in creating these.

Uplands have been in today and all the children have taken part in sports sessions with the Uplands Sports Leaders and Mr Luckhurst. The sports theme this term has been hockey and children from all classes have been learning to play. There have been three hockey tournaments this week – please do read the reports later in this newsletter.

We were really sorry to say goodbye to Mrs Buss in assembly on Wednesday and wished her well in her new job. We have appointed Miss Hayes to be TA in Owls Class and she will be spending some time after half term getting to know the class before she starts in early March.

We hope you all have a lovely break next week and look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 19th February for the start of Term 4.

Mrs Gander-Miller
Head of School




The Caring Cup, St Marks Cup and
Mrs Shepheard Personal Achievement Award




The Caring Cup has been awarded to James S for clearing up wet play games even though he didn’t cause the mess.

St Mark’s Cup is awarded to:

Hedgehogs – Isla

Squirrels – Sophie C

Owls – Max

Foxes – Lily

Mrs Shepheard Personal Achievement Award was awarded to Lyndon for his progress in swimming and now putting his head in the water.

Congratulations to all of you!






This week Hedgehogs have been enjoying the cold, snowy weather. On Monday we went outside to explore the snow and use our senses to find out more about it. We used our experience to write a wonderful class poem, with some lovely describing words. This is now on display by our lockers. Please pop in to read it if you have time. Also this week the children have been thinking about what makes a good friend and how we can be kind to each other at school. The children thought of some great ways to be happy and how to include each other in the games they are playing.
It was internet safety day on Tuesday and Hedgehogs learnt how they can keep themselves safe online. We learnt a fantastic song to help us remember what to do!
We have continued to learn new sounds in phonics and have been looking out for them when we are reading. In Maths we have been looking for 3d shapes and learning more about their properties.


Have a wonderful half term break.


The Reception Team


In Design Technology this week, we enjoyed investigating how to build a model sled for huskies.  We tried to use joining techniques to make it strong.  We worked independently using our problem solving skills.  We also had a chance to finish our fantastic Inuit masks using our designs.

In science we tried insulating ice blocks with bubble wrap, silver foil and cling film.  They all slowed down the melting by about the same amount although bubble wrap was the best by a little.

In maths we have been measuring.  Year 1 measured Polar bears and penguins and Year 2 enjoyed measuring the size of a blue whale (24 metres), a killer whale (8 metres) , narwhals and beluga whales on the playground with metre sticks and chalk.

In English, we invented our own ‘Meeting Tale’ and planned it as a comic strip before writing.

Well done, Squirrels for such hard work this term amid bad weather and winter colds.

There is a reading challenge in the homework books for half term and we will add some more Mathletics, so we keep reading and maths progress ticking over in the holidays. 

Have a good time together!

Squirrels Staff Team



In Owls Class, this week in Maths, we have been using and applying our understanding of time (analogue, 12 hour digital and 24 hour clock conversions) to solve and answer word problems.  Tracking forwards and backwards in time is a skill which needs to be practised, so please keep on using and discussing the language and passing of time in the children’s everyday activities – it is invaluable support and encouragement for them.


In English, we have completed independently written explanations about the fictional extinction of the Iron Men; inspired by the reading and completion of our class novel by Ted Hughes.  The children have worked really hard to demonstrate their progress towards current targets in this final piece of writing for the half term.  On our return, we will be revisiting the writing of creative fiction and will be focusing our attention on the stories from the Islamic culture. 


A huge thank you for the support given to the children in creating their amazing array of ‘Iron Men’ sculptures.  Every one was completely unique in terms of design, materials and execution.  The children thoroughly enjoyed our ‘Art exhibition’ on Thursday afternoon where we could explore the work of others and explain how our own work was created – all over a delicious piece of ‘Iron Man’ cake! The children have enjoyed sharing how they baked, designed and created their sculptures with parents and loved ones, and how much this quality time means to them, as well as the skills they learn from it.  Thank you so much.


I wish you a relaxing and fun filled half term, and look forward to seeing the children refreshed and raring to tackle their new challenges next half term.  God bless,


Mrs Balmer





Hasn’t this term just flown by!! In our final week, we have been looking closely at angles. We started by recapping what each angle was called and the children showed they had great knowledge of this! We followed on by thinking about using a protractor and practised measuring acute, obtuse and reflex angles. We then moved on to facts about angles and the angles in shapes, and for our final challenge, we looked at how we could work out missing angles using these facts. A great job by all and a small homework task on this has been set for practise over the half term break.

In English, we took full advantage of the beautiful snow outside and wrote setting descriptions about it. We started by going outside to feel the snow, listen to the sounds around us and discuss what the atmosphere was like. We then went back inside and brainstormed words and phrases we could use. Next, we looked at other setting descriptions and talked about how they had used language and structure to describe a scene. We then picked our favourite description and tried to use the same structure to create our own. We have had some beautiful descriptions, full of fantastic language choices and imaginative similes.

As part of safer internet day on Tuesday, we have been working on creating some PowerPoint presentations on how to be safe online. This week we presented our PowerPoints to Owls class, teaching them how to be safe online, and then worked together to come up with tips we could pass on to the rest of the school. It was a lovely afternoon with children from all 4 year groups working together and showing great team work!

Finally just some housekeeping notes:

  • Over the holidays, I have only set Mathletics homework for pupils to complete so they are able to have a rest, although any spelling exercises or games you wish to do with them would be extremely beneficial, even if it is just a game of scrabble!
  • After half term year 5/6 pupils will come straight in to school in the mornings and not on to the playground as we have set up some nice early work activities for them to complete- please ensure they are here at 8:50 when school begins so they can take full advantage of this.

I hope you all have a restful half term and have some lovely things planned!

See you next term!

Miss Dauris


Other News

Hockey Tournaments

Last Friday we took part in the Uplands Community Cluster Quicksticks Hockey Tournament.  On a very cold afternoon we continued our excellent form and enthusiasm, winning the tournament unbeaten in all our matches.

Our first opponents were last years’ winners Sacred Heart which we won with a goal from Archie. 
Next up were Wadhurst, this time Archie 2 and Hamilton scored in our 3-1 victory. Then came Bricklehurst where Max 2 and Archie scored in our 3-0 victory.
Our last match was a 1-1 draw against Frant with Max scoring.

This meant we topped the table and now qualify for the next round at Heathfield to be played on 28th February.

A huge ‘well done’ to the whole squad - Saskia, Imogen, Charlotte, Archie, Hamilton and particularly Max who returned after badly grazing his leg in the opening game.

As usual a big ‘thank you’ to all parents who attended for their support.   

On Thursday we went to St Barnabas in Tunbridge Wells to play quick stick hockey. Each school had an A, B and C side who all played each other.  After the round robin of fun hockey the winners were Mark Cross ‘A’ winning all of their matches - overall it was an even encounter with each school winning four matches. Both schools each Won 4 games drew 1 game and lost 4 games. Strangely, each school scored 17 goals and each school conceded 17 goals!

Teams were:

A squad- Fay, Emily, Oscar, Jocelyn, Connie. 
B squad-  Corin, Lily, Olivia, Milly, Laurie
C squad- Hamish, Harry, Lucy, Lucas, Laura

A big well done to all who enjoyed a great afternoon of hockey - and as ever thank you for the support from parents.


Miranda Roser took some photos at the Thursday Tournament which are included at the end of the newsletter. Thank you to her.


Today, our A and B hockey teams played at Frant for a couple of friendly matches prior to the A teams finals tournament at Heathfield after half term. This, I am really pleased to say, now means that all of Foxes class have taken part in a competitive hockey match this term.


The matches were as follows:

MX A.   V Frant A

MX B.   V Frant B

MX A.  V Frant B

MX B.   V Frant A

Overall result was that the A team from both schools drew in the final match of the tournament.


A squad: Saskia, Imogen ,Charlotte Sam Archie & Max


B squad: Rhys Oliver Indigo Gracie, Callie


Well done to all of you!

Dave Luckhurst

Admin Matters

Recycling Printer Cartridges and Batteries
An amendment to last week’s newsletter – the new recycling boxes for printer cartridges and batteries are now situation in the hall.  Please help raise some money for the school by bringing in your used cartridges and batteries, thank you.

Someone Else Picking Up?

If there is someone else collecting your child from school the class teacher needs to know.  Always write details in the book located in the plastic holder outside each classroom.


Please call the school office as soon as possible in the morning if your child is unwell.  The office staff can then notify your child’s teacher.

The 48 Hour Rule

Remember if your child has had a tummy upset or sickness bug we ask that he or she remains at home for 48 hours after the last bout of illness.

Lost Property

The lost property box is located just through the hall doors so if you think you may have lost something please do have a look through. Please, please name all uniform including coats, it makes it much easier to return lost items.

Emergency Closure

We will always attempt to keep the school open when there is severe weather which hampers transport and compromises safety.

When deciding whether to open or close the school, there are several factors we need to consider and will make our decision as early as possible in the morning.  If we decide to close the school, we will communicate this in the following ways.

  1. On our website: http://www.markcrossce.e-sussex.sch.uk
  2. Listen to BBC Radio Sussex, or Heart FM and/or use their websites
  3. Go online to: http://www.eastsussex.gov.uk/educationandlearning/schools/schoolclosures.htm
  4. Sign up for message alerts via: https://new.eastsussex.gov.uk/educationandlearning/schools/schoolclosurealerts

Diary Dates

Monday 19th February

First day of Term 4

Wednesday 21st February

Swimming starts for Year 4

Friday 23rd February

Year 5/6 Netball Tournament at Uplands

Thursday 1st March

World Book Day

Friday 2nd March

Uplands PE day

Monday 5th March

FMCS Team Meeting

Thursday 8th March

Thursday Drama Club presentation to parents 4.00pm

Friday 9th March

FMCS Rag Bag collection

Monday 12th March

Monday Drama Club presentation to parents 3.30pm

Tuesday 20th March

Parent Consultations 1.30 - 4.30pm

Thursday 22nd March

Parent Consultations 4.30 – 7.00pm

Thursday 29th March

Last day of Term 4

Monday 16th April

First day of Term 5

Saturday 12th May

FMCS Spring Fete

Friday 25th May

Last day of Term 5

Monday 4th June

First day of Term 6

Tuesday 19th June

Sports Day

(Friday 29th June

Reserve Sports Day date if poor weather on 19th)

Friday 13th July

FMCS Summer BBQ (tbc)

Thursday 19th July

Last day of Term 6

Friday 20th July


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