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Newsletter 31 - Friday 18th May 2018

This term's Christian Value is Peace

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Dear Parents,

What a busy week!  Well done to everybody, children and staff, for getting through SATs this week.  We are so proud of the children for their attitude and hard work.  They can now look forward to lots of lovely activities for the rest of the year!

The children in Hedgehogs and Owls have been on fabulous trips this week.  Hedgehogs enjoyed their activities at Plumpton College including planting, pollination and stream dipping!  Owls class are visiting the Seven Sisters Country Park today as part of their rivers topic and hopefully enjoying a lovely day in the fresh air!

Sports leaders from Uplands have been in school today leading PE for the children and practising skills for Sports Day.

A huge ‘thank you’ to the FMCS for a wonderful fete last Saturday.  It was lovely to see so many people despite the slightly disappointing weather.  Thank you to all those who contributed and supported the fete on the day, especially those who stayed behind to clear up and get the school ready for Monday.  All your help is very much appreciated.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Gander-Miller
Head of School





We had a wonderful time at Plumpton College yesterday. The children loved stream dipping and a couple of fish were even caught in our nets! We made our own newspaper plant pots and planted pea seeds which we will be nurturing at school before planting out in our garden.  The children burnt off some energy in the afternoon by playing a germination game- collecting soil, water, air and sunshine cards in a race against time to gain leaves for points.  It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.  We finished off the day by getting a close look of a working hive (thanks to some sealed perspex!)  It was fascinating and generated many questions from the children and adults alike!

A huge ‘thank you’ to all the parents who dropped off, collected and stayed with the children. Because of your continued support, the children really are having such fun and unique experiences. Finally, but most importantly, Hedgehog class- you made us so proud. Well done!  
Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to try some new Mathletics challenges.

The Reception Team


Thank you to all of the Squirrels Class for continuing to work hard as we near the end of term!

This week, as always, has been incredibly busy. The Year 2’s have been completing their SAT tests in Reading and Spelling and Grammar. Next week sees the last of the tests with two Maths papers. Keep it up Year 2’s, we are all so proud of you! The Year 1’s have been so helpful and supportive to the Year 2’s – so thank you to them too!

In Maths this week we have been learning about measurement, in particular length. The children have been using some brand new rulers we have been bought to support their learning.

In Computing the children have been developing their ‘coding’ skills by making their own ‘Flappy Bird’ game. We have done this using the website www.code.org and using the ‘Hour of Code’ activities. They have been finding some parts challenging, so we have been working on the skill of perseverance and trying out lots of different options, not just giving up after the first go!

We have not sent spelling homework home this week, but concentrated on Phonics for the Year 1’s and Maths for the Year 2’s. We really appreciate all your support with this.

Just a reminder, for the Year 1 parents, there is a short meeting after school on Wednesday to let you know about the Phonics Screening Test your children will be sitting in mid June.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Squirrels Staff Team



This week in Owls Class, we have been using ‘Talk for Writing’ techniques in English lessons to learn a journey story off by heart by looking at a picture plan and recounting the tale verbally with actions to help us to memorise it.  This technique has many advantages for young writers, as it develops good sentence construction; helps in laying down patterns of language which can be used and modified for their own stories and supports the development of a complete story structure, as often pupils are able to begin a tale with great gusto and their stamina for writing wains at the end.  We have taken our basic story of Charlie’s journey and have now begun to innovate to create our own journey tale.  This can be in the form of changing characters, settings, and purpose and outcomes of the journey but the structure and spine of the writing remains constant to inspire and support.  The children have developed some superb concepts for their innovations, so next week’s writing will be their opportunity to fully develop their plans.

                In Maths, Year Three pupils have been working extremely hard with Miss Wignall to improve and consolidate their mental and written calculations of the four number operations  (+ - x ~), they have been working extremely hard and are demonstrating great progress. Year Four have been working with me on fractions into decimals and visa versa, and this week we have been consolidating our understanding of how to round decimal notation to the nearest decimal place (one, two or three decimal places) and have been ordering decimals – by calculating differences and patterns in sequences as well as ordering from smallest to largest. Eg: question: order 0.25, 0.2, 0.205, 0.025, 2.5

                We had a great lesson with Miss Wignall, demonstrating in pairs just how much we had understood about river features and formation, as we were challenged to create a superb three dimensional diagram of a river from source to sea – out of play dough and plasticine.  Wow! What super understanding we have – the discussions and explanations between talk partners were wonderful to observe.

Enjoy the sunny weekend.  

Mrs Balmer





To all the year 6’s,

You have worked above and beyond this week to complete your tests. You have had questions that you knew off the top of your head, some that you had to think about, some that were very difficult and some that we jumped for joy as we had just revised it! But with every question in every test that came your way you read it carefully, you concentrated, you focused, you had a go and then you went back and checked your answer and you did this with resilience, confidence and determination. I am so proud of all of you. Thank you for being the hard working and positive learners that you are- you have amazingly bright futures! Well done!

To all the year 5’s,

You have been equally amazing for the last few weeks. You have had endless lessons on Maths SATs revision, grammar SATs revision and reading SATs revision and not one of you have made any fuss. You have listened, engaged, joined in and taken in all the information knowing that it will help you when you have the same experience next year and that shows amazing focus, maturity and forward thinking- you are a credit to the school and will be fantastic year 6’s next year. Well done!

Thanks to all, SATs is over! YAY! Have a lovely and restful weekend!

Miss Dauris


Other News


The FMCS would like to thank everyone that helped and everyone that came and supported us at the fete last weekend. We had a great turn out and lots of fun, despite the drizzle. We have had some lovely comments from people in the village, that don’t attend the school to say how welcomed they felt. We will let you know how much was raised as soon as we have the total.

These events do really make a difference to what we can offer the children at school as budgets are being shrunk. This term the FMCS are funding coaches for all school trips, buying the rights to put on a production for KS2, donating £500 towards a proposed reflection area, £1400 towards completing the school all-weather track on the field, £500 for outdoor play equipment and additional counselling support for the children.


We really do value your support and we still need more help to put on these larger events.

We are planning to involve more of you next year in advance of the fete. We know that you will support us with this, as we know how much you value being part of this school. On a final note, can anybody that won a hamper / crate please return the empty basket/box to us as we reuse these for future fetes. Please leave them with the office or a member of the FMCS team.


Thank you, the FMCS team

Admin Matters

Someone Else Picking Up?

If there is someone else collecting your child from school the class teacher needs to know.  Always write details in the book located in the plastic holder outside each classroom.


Please call the school office as soon as possible in the morning if your child is unwell.  The office staff can then notify your child’s teacher.

The 48 Hour Rule

Remember if your child has had a tummy upset or sickness bug we ask that he or she remains at home for 48 hours after the last bout of illness.

Lost Property

The lost property box is located just through the hall doors so if you think you may have lost something please do have a look through. Please, please name all uniform including coats, it makes it much easier to return lost items.

Diary Dates

Wednesday 23rd May

Year 5 Swimming (last one)

Friday 25th May

Last day of Term 5

Monday 4th June

First day of Term 6

Monday 4th - Friday 8th June

Sayers Croft residential trip for Foxes class

Wednesday 13th June

p.m Safety in Action workshop for Yr 6, Bowles Outdoor Centre

Friday 15th June

Uplands PE Day

Tuesday 19th June

Sports Day

FMCS Rag Bag Collection

Wednesday 20th June

Beacon Academy Open Morning for Year 5 pupils

Tuesday 26th June

Year 6 Leavers’ Service at All Saints Church, Crowborough 1.15pm

(Friday 29th June

Reserve Sports Day date if poor weather on 19th)

Tuesday 3rd July

Heathfield Community College Year 6 transition day

Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th July

Beacon Academy Year 6 transition days

Wednesday 11th July

1.30pm KS2 Performance of Beauty and the Beast Jr

Thursday 12th July

6.00pm KS2 Performance of Beauty and the Beast Jr

Friday 13th July

FMCS Summer BBQ (tbc)

Thursday 19th July

Last day of Term 6

Friday 20th July




Monday 3rd Sept


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Wednesday 5th Sept


Thursday 6th Sept

First day of Term 1

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