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We are committed to offering quality care and provision in the EYFS at Mark Cross CE Aided Primary School by:

  • Following the principles of the EYFS.
  • Having a strong pedagogy focusing on providing a rich play based curriculum where children learn through hands on experiences firmly rooted in child development.
  • Supporting all children to make strong attachments to help them feel secure, safe and valued enabling them to develop independence.
  • Working closely with parents/carers and valuing them as true partners in learning.
  • Recognising and celebrating each child as a unique individual.
  • Working closely with local pre-school and EYFS providers to ensure there is continuity in learning throughout the EYFS.
  • Ensuring that we are fully equipped to support children in this specialised and unique stage of development by:
  • regularly attending training, network with the LA, local schools and other EYFS practitioners and providers;
  • constantly assessing and reflecting on what we do and the impact of what we do to ensure that we are always improving and delivering quality first practice laying the foundations for children to become lifelong learners.
  • Ensuring observation and assessment is at the heart of all that we do to enable us to plan a curriculum that is inspiring and driven by the children’s interests, fascinations  and needs.
  • Ensuring children have access to a stimulating and enabling learning environment both indoors and out that promotes curiosity, motivation and independence.
  • Planning and providing a curriculum that supports all areas of learning and development and that is flexible and responsive to the needs and interests of the children.
  • Valuing all children and their families and actively promoting equal opportunities regardless of their race, gender or disability.

Religious Education

As a Church of England primary school Religious Education, collective worship and the values of our school are at the heart of everything that we do. Children learn about the Bible and the stories within and follow and practice Christian values. Children learn to appreciate and celebrate the differences and similarities within our community and the world around them and learn about other religions, beliefs and cultures.

For further information about the principles of the EYFS that shape our practice and provision, please refer to our school’s EYFS Policy.  This includes further detail about:

  • transition between home and school;
  • partnership with parents;
  • areas of learning;
  • teaching and learning in the EYFS;
  • the role of the adult in the EYFS;
  • planning for learning;
  • assessing the children’s learning;
  • transition from Reception to Year 1.


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