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Learning at Mark Cross CEA Primary School

Mark Cross CEA Primary School is a mixed-year group setting with a Reception Class, a Year 1/2 class, a Year 3/4 class and a Year 5/6 class. Having a mixed class structure has meant that we have had to think carefully about the learning experience that we want our pupils to have.

We decided to implement a topic-based approach, creating a bespoke curriculum with high-quality literature at the heart of each learning journey. We began by mapping out the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum across a two-year cycle, grouping elements to ensure that children have lots of opportunities to revisit core concepts and build on their prior knowledge. Each term, children explore their learning through carefully planned ‘journeys’ that are designed to provide them with a range of engaging experiences as they progress through the school.

On the whole, the same learning is delivered to all children in a given class with adaptations to challenge and support as needed. Classes may be split for Maths (and some aspects of English in Key Stage 1) according to any year group specific objectives that need to be delivered.  We appreciate that each class and each child is different and are fortunate enough to have the space and staff which enables us to be flexible, working with individuals or groups of children as needed.

Below is a summary of some of the key learning within each year group. More details can be found on the class pages or by opening the curriculum overview or subject progression documents at the bottom of this page.

Hedgehog Class - Reception

Squirrel Class - Year 1 & 2

Owl Class - Year 3 & 4

Fox Class - Year 5 & 6

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