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How we will spend the the sports funding for 2022-23 and who will benefit? BUDGET - £16,870


We will use the funding this year to continue to:

  • Provide a PE trained teacher to teach alongside the class teacher for development opportunities enabling quality teaching and learning for all children. The PE teacher will take weekly PE lessons with classes.  The class teachers are expected to support and observe in these lessons to improve their own practice.  All children will therefore benefit from specialist sports teaching to improve their skills, their confidence and abilities to take part in a range of sporting activities.
  • PE trained teacher to support the P.E Coordinator in liaising with schools and organising other events across a range of disciplines throughout the year and across the year groups.
  • Hold intra school events for all the sports taught throughout year within the PE curriculum.  This creates more opportunities for competition for all pupils
  • Enable increased participation in competitive sports events with other primary schools in the local area
  • Increase participation by including clubs for non-traditional sports
  • Train play leaders in year 6 to lead physical activities during the lunch hour (Supported PE Teacher and pupils from local Secondary School (Uplands)
  • Train TA’s to support Play leaders in the lunch hour – ensuring continuity of provision for the future when new staff may join.
  • To hold regular PE days to develop sporting skills and knowledge of a wider selection of sports with a PE specialist and sports Leaders from a local Secondary School (Uplands)
  • Continue to offer a wide range and number of school activities to pupils across the school - Netball, Football, Cross Country Running, Athletics, Tag rugby, Hockey, Tennis, Cricket, Swimming, Dance and Gymnastics
  • Ensure equipment is up-to-date and reflects the need of the curriculum

We feel that this is the most effective and efficient way for the funding to have a long lasting and positive effect on future learning and physical development of children within our school. Our overall aim is to instill a love of sport in our pupils, inspire them to be  role models for traditional and non-traditional activites and provide every child with the opportunity to represent Mark Cross CEA Primary School.   The PE Coordinator and specialist PE Teacher will continue to review provision and its impact termly, making recommendations and changes to class teachers and the SLT.


1. Teachers will continue to develop their planning and teaching to ensure that P.E is taught to the highest standards.

2.  Monitoring the uptake of places in both traditional and non-traditional school club P.E activities.  We expect to see an increase in percentage uptake. Children will feel more confident to participate. 

- School newsletters and PE display board  includes regular reports on every sporting event, skills being taught and competitions entered.  Individual and TEAM achievements will be celebrated and shared.

- Sports awards given out and shared at Sports Day.

- Sports noticeboard and display in the hall, managed by Year 6 School Captains

- Pupil Voice – Audit of children’s confidence and understanding of PE skills throughout the year

- Pupils will be keen to participate in sport activities with other schools.


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